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Bad Days Are Gone

Youthman Riddim


Product Description

Release Date: 18/02/2013

Having appeared on remix duty on each Unit 137 release to date we thought it was time to give the incredible Sleepy Time Ghost his first full-length release. An assured roots riddim alongside the notorious Ras Demo [A.K.A Demolition Man] and Lionpulse, an up and coming sound-system from Bristol. Alongside the outstanding original we have a Dub from Joe Ariwa, head honcho at the foundational Ariwa Studio, alongside his father, Mad Professor. Hylu & Jago return with a driving Steppas remix, bringing a new energy to Lionpulse’s vocal version. The release is available on heavyweight 12” vinyl & digital.

Single Downloads

Rule Your Destiny (Ras Demo)
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Bad Days Are Gone (Lionpulse)
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Youthman Dub (Joe Ariwa)
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Bad Days Are Gone (Hylu & Jago – Remix)
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