Ish Sahotay

22nd June 2015WORDS: Hylu & Jago

IMG_1069Ish Sahotay was an extremely talented individual, who’s cheeky smile lit up the places he went and spread to the people he met. We considered him part of the family at Unit 137. It’s very sad to have lost such a beautiful person and good friend. He worked with us on loads of different music videos (see below) and various other projects, like hi-jacking early Hylu & Jago sets in East London with his unique MC skills.

Ish would rustle up great concepts and ideas when we were shooting videos and always encouraged creativity. He was a pleasure to work alongside and was an integral part of our own development. His work was recognised all over, and only this month he received an award at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. Gone but not forgotten! Condolences and love to his family, partner Marion and friends.

Ish was involved with all of the below Unit 137 music videos. They would not have been the same without his involvement. Also, a special salute going to Jake Whitelocke for all the work he put into these videos, and all the other projects we worked on together – respect! Ish & Jake were an amazing duo, each with unique personalities that were a massive part of Unit 137 from it’s inception to date…

onlyjoe – Revolution

Hylu & Jago – Anansi Riddim

Hylu & Jago feat. Zico – Vibe

Unit 137 Sound-System [001]

Sleepy Time Ghost – Ghost Train Riddim