Top 3 – RSD Releases

7th May 2020

We’re hyped to be releasing some new music by Unit 137 family member Ed West over the coming months! This Friday (8th May) we are dropping a heavyweight remix of Ed’s track ‘No Diamonds’ from one of our favourite producers, Bristol based dubstep don, RSD.

We thought it would make sense to select our top three RSD releases on the lead up (see below for links). Firstly we have his remix of onlyjoe‘s Revolution, which he made back in 2012 when we launched the label. Secondly, we have Kingfisher, which was released in 2007 on Earwax! This one sounds rough on the sound. Last but not least we have ‘Pretty Bright Light’. Another release that dropped in 2007 on Punch Drunk Records. Love the Junglist influence on this one!