Ed West – A Message from Deemas

17th July 2020

ed west a message from deemas artworkA Message from Deemas’ is the first single from Ed West’s ‘Messages from the Dance’ series. Ed blends an old school jungle flavour with a jazz twist. A full brass section weaves harmonies behind driving rhythms, making this a track for both the dancers and listeners. Over the top Deemas J’s vocals tell a positive message, recalling his life experiences and encouraging the listener to believe that love must conquer all in the face of challenging times.

Messages from the Dance’ is a four part series based around two samples taken from a Unit 137 dance in New Cross, where vocalists Deemas J & Kosher both presented passionate messages to the crowd. Their words encapsulate some of the positive messages behind sound system culture, which Ed West celebrates with each tune. The singles in the series each have a distinct vibe but are united by their messages.